Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops


Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops takes place in the year 2025 as the world is shaken by numerous conflicts over the control of dwindling natural resources. Greedy warlords and dictators of 3rd world countries thirst for advanced weapons systems and never before have arms dealers been so profitable.

Players will be immersed into highly detailed environments in Somalia, Cuba and the city of Dubai. The central characters, Myra Lee and Aron Alvarez are operatives of a secret US military intervention unit, called the ISA. Both agents are relentless warriors with unique and deadly battle skills.


Info Sheet (February 9, 2011) - download here


Developer Diary 1: Locales (November 3, 2010) - download the word document

*Updated* Developer Diary Trailer 1: Locales (March 31, 2011) - download the trailer

Developer Diary Screenshots 1: Locales (November 3, 2010) - download the .zip file

Developer Diary Trailer 2: Aron Alvarez (March 31, 2011) - download the trailer

Developer Diary Trailer 3: Myra Lee (March 31, 2011) - download the trailer


October 4, 2010 - view here

October 6, 2010 - view here

November 3, 2010 - download the word document


Packshots - download the .zip file
- LARGE (300dpi)

Mogadishu Screenshots (Released October 4, 2010) - download the .zip file

Developer Diary Screenshots 1: Locales (November 3, 2010) - download the .zip file 

*Updated* Developer Diary Trailer 1: Locales (March 31, 2011) - download the trailer 

Developer Diary Trailer 2: Aron Alvarez (March 31, 2011) - download the trailer

Developer Diary Trailer 3: Myra Lee (March 31, 2011) - download the trailer


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