Crazy Machines Golden Gears

In this "Rube Goldberg" style puzzle game, experiment and build your wacky contraptions with physics action like never before on the mobile platform! Dazzling visuals of explosives, fire, and true to life physics behavior when you put the experiment into motion!

How do you get the Professor's Wind-Up Mouse to the other side of the room? Open the inventory, choose your parts and put your thinking cap on! Do you punch it over with the Boxing Glove? Hit it with a Pinball to activate it? Launch it by exploding a nearby Nitro? Blast it with a Cannon? It's up to you to figure out the puzzles in your own way as you build and assemble contraptions that puff, pull, push, and explode!

With over 60 different Parts in your inventory, each puzzle can be solved in your own unique way. Lasers, Nitros, Dynamite, and Explosives can be used to cause constructive damage. Tie objects with Balloons or Weights for a rise or fall. Activate the Mouse or Truck to push and pull your objects to their destination. The possibilities are endless!

Each challenge will require you to use your inventory Parts and construct a contraption to meet the goal and solve the challenge. Figure out a way to free a Pinball trapped in the magnetic waves of a Magnet! Ignite Dynamite without exploding the combustible Nitros near it! Move a Balloon in Zero Gravity without popping it!

For a changeup in the physics action, watch out for challenges with gravity turned off and strong wind gusts. You're going to have to configure the right Parts to create alternative and counteracting forces!

Crazy Machines Golden Gears trailer can be viewed either on Facebook or on Google Play.

  • Up to 42 challenges. 
  • Use your creativity to master levels and earn 3 stars. 
  • Cool Physics engine with fire, wind, gravity and particle effects. 
  • Build and solve experiments with over 60 different Parts. Share scores and unlock achievements through Openfeint. 

Title: Crazy Machines Golden Gears
Platform: PC
Developer: Fakt Software
Publisher: Viva Media LLC

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Coming soon...


Official Trailer (via YouTube) - visit here

About FAKT Software

Founded in 1999, Fakt is a developer of video entertainment software that specializes in physics based games. FAKT develops applications for Windows PCs, XBOX360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Apple iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad and a variety of other cell phones. The most popular and successful title was and still is the Crazy Machines series. FAKT Software released over 80 entertainment applications and received numerous international awards.

About Viva Media 

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